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We're pleased to offer the following services at Frontier Veterinary Service.

kitty1.png Appointments

We attempt to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability.  It is best to call prior to coming in to confirm the location of the veterinarian that day and ensure that we are able to allot adequate space for your appointment.  We understand the distances you may be travelling and want to be sure we are prepared for your appointment.

To use our resources efficiently, we insist that all large animal patients, including calvings, come to the clinic.  Please be sure your stock trailer is road worthy prior to an emergency.  There is a trailer available at the clinic for this use, if you do not own your own trailer.  It requires a 2" ball.

Herd visits need to be scheduled with the veterinarian.  Routine procedures like bull testing may not be scheduled every day so please book ahead and do not leave such procedures to the last minute.

Emergency & Urgent Care

We attempt to have someone available 24/7 for emergencies by calling 780-927-4500.  After business hours, please follow the instructions on the answering machine.  We do occasionally get out of cell service range, please do not panic, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We board dogs and cats at our Fort Vermilion location.  Please call 780-927-4500 for rates.  Admission and discharge of boarders are during regular business hours only. Transport can sometimes be arranged from the High Level location.

For high request seasons like Christmas, Easter and Teachers' Convention, please book well in advance.


Whether it is a pediclip or a full hair cut, we do grooming at both the Fort Vermilion and High Level locations.  Please call us for a quote and to schedule an appointment.  Although we try to meet everyone's needs, some seasons are very busy and it is best to plan ahead.

Pet Food & Supplies

We offer a full line of pet foods and supplies and have access to much more.  Just ask us and we can probably order what you need.  

You can also access our retail pet catalogue (found in our waiting rooms) online at:

This enables you to browse for what you would like and then bring us your shopping list for us to order.  We require prepayment for special order items.